Case Study — Viper with XTR

BD Viper™ with XTR™ Technology

The BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology provides the consistent, reliable performance that is sought after in the industry today:
Fully automated specimen processing for all sample types provides maximum processing efficiency – up to 736 CT/GC results in an 8.5-hour shift.
Least total hands-on time – thanks to ease-of-use and walk-away automation – delivers efficient workflows to maximize laboratory resources while producing high quality assay results you can trust.
Total System Integrity assures reliability – in your system, in your reagents, in your results, and in your support.
With the BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology, you can be sure your lab is achieving peak performance, reliably.

The next generation BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology delivers Total System Integrity for consistent productivity, efficient workflow, and high quality performance for your Chlamydia trachomatis/ Neisseria gonorrhoeae (CT/GC) testing needs.

Fully Automated Specimen Processing
Dependable system performance will help you meet – and even exceed – your lab’s workload targets and turnaround times. Best-in-class features allow you to complete more work in less time – and yet, more reliably.
High system productivity through on-board, automated BD Fox™ DNA extraction yields throughputs of up to 736 CT/GC results per shift with less than one full-time employee
The system�s main robotic component is the Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) and unique 6-channel pipetting system dispenses from 20 to 1,100 mL and liquid-level sensing verifies specimen and reagent volumes at all stages of sample processing
Full automation for all sample types � vaginal, endocervical, urine, male urethral swabs, and liquid-base cytology
Walk-away platform offers “load and go” capability, allowing technicians to focus on other tasks and, ultimately, double their work results. In short: more work, more accurately, in less time
Least Total Hands-on Time
Ease-of-use combined with reliable automation streamlines testing, maximizes employee productivity, and improves cost effectiveness.
Least amount of total monthly maintenance, daily set-up time, and hands-on time than comparable systems. Less than 20 minutes of total user hands-on time per run
Pierceable caps, ready-to-use reagents, and patient sample identification reduce labor and errors, while improving ergonomics
Breakable swabs mean swab heads can be left in the sample tube during processing
Total System Integrity
The BD Viper™ System with XTR™ technology is backed by our Total System Integrity – integrity in our technology, integrity in our product, and integrity in our service.
Excellent sensitivity and specificity that delivers optimum positive and negative predictive values
Confidence in results due to the absence of equivocal zone and the presence of extraction control with every reaction
Unique “Reliability by Design” delivers maximum uptime – no vacuum pumps, valves, syringes, or reagent tubing. Commercially proven robotics consistently produce high quality results and yield a high meantime of 180 days between failures
Automatic system checks, pressure sensors, extraction controls, and computerized thermal controllers ensure the system is running smoothly prior to and during each run
Liquid-level sensing of samples and reagents delivers quality and confidence in every result
We offer an industry-leading, multi-system approach to around-the-clock customer service and support
We�ll work with you to create Lean processing by analyzing and mapping your workflow to maximize operational efficiency. In addition to offering technical and field support, we�ll bring your technicians to us for comprehensive product training at our state-of-the-art educational center.

System Features:
On-board sample extraction utilizing proprietary BD Fox™ chemistry
Walk-away platform with “load and go” processing
Speed � up to 736 patient test results per shift
Automation using SCARA robotic technology
Multiple sample types � Liquid-based cytology, male urethral swabs, endocervical swabs, vaginal swabs, and urines
Zero reagent preparation � Ready-to-use reagents
Automated sample cap piercing
Liquid-level sensing of samples and reagents
Patient sample location identification
Eco-friendly design minimizes aqueous solutions, plastics, and biohazard waste


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