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While each team member offers unique skill sets, all offer project management and organization, communication and collaborative facilitation, attention to detail and follow-through.


Research and Development / Six Sigma Quality and Reliability / Project Management

The lead principal is Ron Burr, PhD who has over 30 years of software architecture and development experiences with IT support, network and server support, and implementing cloud computing tools for small businesses. He was recently featured in the March 2012 SmartCEO magazine for his contributions to the software/technology development of a cryospray ablation system platform. Ron’s career has been focused on the development of system and platform technologies (e.g., instrument and disposables) rather than isolated devices. These systems contained common characteristics of being highly cross-functional in terms of the technologies involved including fluid-thermal systems, mechanical automation, electronics and embedded controllers and complex algorithms (control and analysis). While consistent in technology, the systems have encompassed several industries: (1) aerospace, (2) printing and image processing, (3) pharmaceutical blending, (4) medical diagnostics and (5) medical therapeutics. A common theme across all of the platforms has been the development of computing and information technology and tools to support both the development and application/organization support these products. His background and passion, simply put, is the development, simulation and optimization of computer controlled systems, products and tools.

Over time and by request, Ron’s roles have evolved to include large scale functional and cross-functional platform management, often including pipelines of new product development. Roles and groups sizes have ranged from cross-functional platform manager to chief technology officer (CTO) and included R&D, product development through validation, pre-clinical and clinical testing, quality and regulatory, and operations/field service with associated information technology with group sizes ranging and evolving from 3 to 100+ employees. In addition to technical skills, the need to scale to involve larger and cross-functional teams in the product development process led to the development of structured/document methods as well as good fundamental design/test methods and approaches including formal DOE, Six Sigma, reliability engineering, project management, risk management, quality-development systems and processes, regulatory approval/certifications and various statistical methods and algorithms.


Technical Writing and Illustration / Training Development / Quality and Regulatory Systems

Colleen has over 25 years’ experience as a professional in the healthcare industry. Her background in medical technology provided a solid foundation for her technical and scientific knowledge that has been applied in both a hospital/clinician setting as well in a manufacturing environment. Her roles have been focused in technical support, regulatory, quality systems and supplier management. Technical writing has also been an important aspect of her career where she has authored regulatory submissions for several in-vitro diagnostic devices, complex instrumentation and therapeutic devices, operator manuals, instructions for use, training manuals and materials and procedures.


Deployment and Commercialization / User Training and Support / User and Clinical Studies

Suzanne has over 10 years’ experience in the clinical, product development/operations and information systems area. Her roles have predominantly been focused as a clinical research associate, product tester and pre-clinical coordinator, and operations manager. Throughout her career, Suzanne has complimented her clinical, product development and operations skills with an aptitude for information technology. Specifically, she has familiarity with relational databases and designing queries and reports, managing projects using various project management tools, assisting in the development/management of various content management systems, and editing external websites.

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