Macrosonix - Compressors

  • Self-containted refrigeration units.
  • Feature a variable reluctance linear  motor, high frequency, short stroke operation (350 Hz).
  • Rugged all-metal pump assembly.
  • Oil-less operation with high durability and reliability.
  • There are no rotating slides, seals or lubricated parts.
  • Compatible with a wide range of refrigerants and offer flexible orientation.
  • The microprocessor controller has an optional LCD with interface menu. 
  • Customized menu items can be added. 
Air & Gas Compressors
  • MacroSonix offers linear resonance compressors modules.
  • Integrated modular systems for larger pressure and flow rates.
  • Modularity provides system flexibility.
  • Units configured in series achieve higher pressures
  • Units configured in parallel achieve higher flow rates.
  • High frequency metal diaphragm pumps (100-500Hz)  controlled by a microprocessor.
  • Oil-less all metal pump and simple linear motor provide high reliability and durability.
  • The compressors offer a wide range of compatibility.
  • Highly reliable, contains no rotating parts, sliding seals or lubrication.
  • Field serviceable.
  • Flexible interconnection options.