Macrosonix - Performance

Sonic Mixing Technology
  • Patented acoustic fluidization and linear motor/control technology.
  • Acoustic fluidization creates a bubbling, high intensity mixing zone.
  • Chamber shape focuses energy and produces circulation (stirring).
  • The result is fast, efficient and thorough mixing.
  • Sonic power is provided by a variable reluctance linear motor.
  • A schematic is on the next page.
Sonic Mixers - Precision Mixing Control
  • Microcontroller based and menu driven.
  • Blend intensity selection with customizable mix recipes.
  • Linear power control.
  • Automatic blend timer.
  • Bladeless chamber and no blade shear heating.
  • Gently mix without damaging product.
Sonic Mixers - Mixing Effectiveness
  • Wide range of powder mix sizes (5-750 um) and densities.
  • Excellent mixing (<2% RSD) with spike levels down to 0.1%.
  • Typical mix times 2:00 minutes or less.
  • Chamber fill level can range from below 5% to over 75%.