Products & Embedded Software

Macrosonix Powder Mixing
Journal Front-Page Article
Sonic power mixing processing product platform. Industry recognition for break-through sonic powder mixing processing product platform. Applied fluidic simulations to characterize the activity and drove optimized design of experiments (DOE) to improve product performance and reliability.
Linear Resonance Compressors
Linear resonance compressors drive Macrosonic technology. Re-characterized the method for for compressing to achieve best in class products.
Macrosonic Cooling System
Generated concept for variable capacity vapor compression cooling and further optimized with design of experiments.
Linear Motor Patented Design
Patented bearing free variable reluctance linear motors drives.
Tektronix Phaser Platform
Howard Vollum Award; Presidents Award
Patented (Mulitple)
Patented Phase Change Ink Jet Technology Platform yields keynotes and $975M acquisition Patented phase change ink jet technology platform. Continuous improvement of existing key technology. Used computer simulations and design of experiments to achieve variable resolution and high speed stability and consistency.
Imaging & Printing Technology
PC Magazine Award Winning
Patented (Mulitple)
Patented phase change ink jet technology platform. Developed breakthrough product for high speed office printing by using acoustic simulations to drive an optimized product. Six sigma tools applied to produce robust and reliable printer with patented technology.
Molecular Diagnostic Robotic Automation
BD Howe Award
Award winning molecular diagnostic robotics drives mainstream diagnostics lab adoption. Robotic instrument for molecular diagnostic testing. Implemented concept characterization and design of experiment tools to obtain rapid FDA clearance and to secure multi-million dollar contract with leading national reference laboratory. Developed customized requirements management tool for improved traceability.
Electro-Magnetic Molecular Extraction
BD Howe Award
Electro-magnetic molecular extraction enables new applications. Enhanced the automated sample processing and furthered the contract with national reference laboratory including over 100 placements in testing laboratories across the US. Applied reliability growth tools to increase the system Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).
Cryospray Medical Device
Patented (Mulitple)
A cryosurgery system for application of medical-grade liquid nitrogen via a small, low pressure, open tipped catheter. The system includes a console, touch panel computer, cryogen module, suction module, electronics module, and disposable spray kit. Features include cryogen flow cryogen flow control and consistency, integrated suction pump with self-checks, pressure sensing during a treatment, and novel catheter designs.

Customized Quality & System Simulation Tools

Quality Management System
SFS-Track is an example of a quality management tool that can be customized to track your projects and business from customers, proposals/quotes, user requirements, concepts, use cases, design specifications, design documentations, validation testing and requirements traceability. Key features include risk management (FMEA), field service and continuous improvement projects (deliveries, installations and training, phone/on-site support, complaints and CAPA-Six Sigma).
System Simulation
Using SFS-Simul, you can simulate the critical performance characteristics of your system. The models evolve with the project, from simple engineering feasibility calculations at the concept phase, to design optimization tools (used in conjunction with statistical design of experiments), to development of software user interfaces and experiences, to software control algorithm software, to risk analysis and failure mode simulation and finally to sales and training tools to support deployment. We can help use simulations to optimize your product and delivery.

Web Applications

News Distribution Service
Custom PHP to distribute news, share profiles, integrate with social networks, link to RSS feeds, custom styling.
Surgical Center Web
Client site using Drupal with custom theming and styling
Macrosonix Web Development
Product development and technology.
Custom Product Management Tool
Product tracking, quality system, customized Drupal solution
Children's Organization
E-commerce development and optimization using Drupal
Service Industry
Custom theme and PHP code development
Professional Services Web Development
WordPress public site customized for client. Customized internal tool using Drupal for managing clients, resources and events.
TS Consulting Web Development
Consulting service in medical field using WordPress
Non-Profit Organization Web Development
Religious sector and congregation updates.