Our Mission
Stonefly Systems is a full-service web applications and product-quality systems development company. We pride ourselves on identifying solutions to satisfy your individual business needs. We bring passion, creativity, attention to detail and a collaborative team approach in order to find an ideal balance between an optimum user experience, technical excellence, quality and customer satisfaction. As you will see from our case studies, our collaborations have brought award winning results to many organizations and products (software, products and systems).
Innovative, Patented & Regulatory-Cleared Products
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Award Winning Products & Experience
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Stonefly Systems is a development consulting company founded by three principals with diverse, but complimentary backgrounds in the areas of technology and product development, operations, medical devices and quality systems. Additional experience includes software architecture and development from design, to simulation, development, testing, automated tools and deployments and support. Based on the collective experience of the team, four key areas are available for consulting: (1) software and product development, (2) quality systems, (3) information systems support and (4) automation tool development.
Core Values
  • Strive for simplicity and sustained value.
  • Excel in service and commitments.
  • Focus on customer satisfaction.
  • Honesty, respect and collaboration in relationships.
Site and application development ranges from lightweight micro-sites or blogs to complex interactive micro-service/API driven web applications. Our sites include aspects of frontend development (React, Javascript/ES6, HTML, SASS), mobile (React-Native), backend development (databases, APIs and content managaement) and business logic, machine learning and automation (node.js, python, php, C#, Java). Clients include professional firms, product based firms, non-profit organizations, consulting service and medical/healthcare. Contact us to schedule a free demo and consultation to scope your project.
Our team uses our experience and tools to help you optimize your product and processes, full product life cycle from concept research to product introduction/deployment to maintenance/support and continuous improvement. We attack all phases with equal passion as illustrated by the studies below:
  • PC Magazine Award Winning Imaging Technology Development and Product
  • Patented Phase Change Ink Jet Technology Platform – Keynotes and $975M Acquisition
  • Patented Bearing Free Variable Reluctance Linear Motors Drive MacroSonic Technology
  • Best-of-Show Server Oil-less Sonic Cooling System
  • Industry Recognition for Break-Through Sonic Power Mixing Processing Product Platform
  • Award Winning Molecular Diagnostic Robotics Drives Mainstream Diagnostics Lab Adoption
  • Electro-Magnetic Molecular Extraction Enables New Applications
Intranet Web Applications & Tools
Please contact us for samples of customized proprietary applications, and other custom websites and tools, that can help you more effectively run your business. While most of this work is proprietary to our customers, we are glad to give you a live web video demo of our own internal web applications that form the starting framework for most of our custom projects. We use our own products every day and love to show you how they help us. They are easy and fun to use, but are also secure and reliable to support many ISO and FDA audits. The principals have taken many years of product development, commercialization and quality systems experiences and packaged into two web applications (sfs-track and sfs-simulation) they have used repeatedly to rapidly and predictably develop high quality system solutions for information, products and process.